Many people are very intimidated and overwhelmed by the home study process. Let me assure you that while it can seem daunting with all of the paperwork, there is no reason to stress. This is a time for your family to explore the many questions that come with this process together and make sure you are ready to bring a child into your home. I have no desire to make this a stressful time for you. My main goal is to make sure that children have safe, loving homes to grow up in and that is what I am looking for. If I see something that needs to be child-proofed while at your home inspection, I will point it out and give you time to fix it. I am always here to answer any questions you have. Below is the basic process for the home study:

Home Study Process image1. Typically, the home study process starts with you talking with me about your desire to adopt and what avenue of adoption you are considering (Domestic, International or Embryo adoption)

2. You can start the home study paperwork online at Binti. (We partner with Binti to process all of the documents online. Binti streamlines the paperwork process and centralizes all documents for easy access. You will read over all of these forms and let me know if you have any questions.)

3. I will mail you the paperwork you need to complete Child Abuse and Neglect clearances and ABI/FBI background checks. You will begin this process and begin setting up medical appointments, etc.

4. We will set up a date and time for your home inspection and I will come see your home and meet your family. I am not coming with the intent to make sure your home is perfect or perfectly clean. Again, I am trying to place children into loving homes not perfect homes :) I will point out any areas that need child proof or any safety hazards. We will talk about your dreams of adoption and cover the educational component of preparing for adoption and I will answer any questions you have.

5. I will work on typing your home study and getting it ready for you. This process depends on how quickly your clearances and all of your paperwork are turned in.